Abbreviations used in our reports;

ASLT- Assault
ATT - Attempted
B & R - Booked & released
BURG- Burglary
BWP - Brewster Police
CCT - Colville Tribal Police
CDP - Coulee Dam Police
CMT- Commit
CONT- Controlled
CRT- Court
CTS- Counts
DEL- Delivery
DV - Domestic Violence
DOC - Department of Corrections
DUI - Driving under the Influence
DWLS - Driving While License Suspended
EHM - Electronic Home Monitoing
FTA - Failure To Appear
FTC - Failure To Comply
FTPF - Failure To Pay Fine
INT - Intent
MIP - Minor In Possession (Alcohol)
MJ - Marijuana
MUNI - Municipal
NVOL - No Valid Operators License
OMP - Omak Police
PARA - Paraphernalia
PC - Probable Cause
POCS - Possession Of Controlled Substance
POSS - Possession
PROB- Probation
SUB - Substance
TMVWOP - Taking motor-vehicle w/o owners Permission
TNP - Tonasket Police
TWP - Twisp Police
USM - United States Marshall
VIO - Violation
VUCSA - Violation Uniform Controlled Substance Act
WRT- Warrant (Arrest)
WSP - Washington State Patrol


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