Contact Numbers

The Sheriff's Office main phone number is 509-422-7200
from that number you can listen to the automated voice and follow the instructions


after calling 509-422-7200 you may enter the following;

for dispatch complaint line   7232
for the jail     7230
for records    7520

FAX 509-422-7217

we also offer a 1-800 line which only is good in the 509 area code that number is

1-800-572-6604 if you have an emergency call 911

Or you can

E-mail the Sheriff's Office

This e-mail goes to a general e-mail box and will be forwarded to the person or division.

E-mail comments to our webmaster
If you have an emergency or need a deputy to respond, call 911
To file a report over the phone, call the Dispatch Center, (509) 422-7232.
Other business call (509) 422-7200 to be directed to the correct location.
Okanogan County Sheriff's Office
123 5th Ave
Okanogan WA, 98840