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The North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force


The North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force (NCWNTF) is a federally funded multi-jurisdictional Narcotics Task Force. The Okanogan County Sheriff's Office is proud to be the signature and parent agency of the NCWNTF

The North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force is operated off a Federal Grant called the Byrnes Grant. The Byrnes Grant runs from July 1st through June 30th of each year. There are currently about 20 Brynes Grant Task Forces in the State of Washington but because of Federal funding cuts there will be Brynes Grant cuts in the future.

The Task Force staff includes one National Guard employee, three Task force detectives and other Okanogan County Law Enforcement personnel as local agency budgets allow. The task force has a full time detective from the U.S. Border Patrol, a full time detective from the Ferry County Sheriffs Office and a full time sergeant from the Okanogan County Sheriffs Office.

Our main objective is the control of illegal controlled substances to and from the areas of our jurisdiction. The task force investigates upper level dealers in Okanogan and Ferry County, but often travels outside these counties to purchase narcotics from suspects that supply drugs to Okanogan and Ferry County. The task force is governed by a board that consists of the Sheriffs of Okanogan and Ferry Counties and all the Police Chiefs in both counties. This board meets every other month for financial planning and to discuss the direction of the task force.

Cocaine has been the main narcotic purchased by detectives over the last few years but methamphetamine is a close second. The task force also works border cases involving smuggling, usually marijuana cases. The Okanogan County Prosecutors Office prosecutes all the task force cases with an exceptional conviction rate.



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