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S.R.T. ( Special Response Team)

The North Central Washington Special Response Team was formed in April 2003. The multi-jurisdictional unit was established to effectively and decisively counter increasing occurrences of violent confrontations between police and criminal elements within the confines of Okanogan County and its municipalities. The unit provides an ever-ongoing trained and equipped number of officers from various agencies. These officers are tasked with safely and effectively addressing these serious police confrontations in an effort to bring chaos to order and to stop or minimize any injury or death to citizens, suspects and/or police.

The Special Response Team is responsible for responding to high risk warrant service, barricaded suspects, hostage situations, sniper situations and other unusual occurrences beyond the tactical capability of normal police resources.

Through its tactical training members of the Special Response Team also provide training to law enforcement agencies, and also the schools and the public regarding issues such as Active Shooter response, through the Sheriff's Office Partners in Preparedness Program.

The team is currently comprised of members from the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office and Omak Police Department for tactical operators. We also have members of Lifeline Ambulance who act as tactical medical personnel.


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If you have an emergency or need a deputy to respond, call 911
To file a report over the phone, call the Dispatch Center, (509) 422-7232.
Other business call (509) 422-7200 to be directed to the correct location.
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